In today’s Corrosion class, we’ll discuss the EPA’s  ‘Lead and Copper Rule’ and how it applies to drinking water quality.

The broad intent of this session is to help attendees begin to understand the causes and  impact of corrosion in potable water systems, as well as provide some insight on how to treat it.


Handouts from the presentation are available below:

WQA Aquatech 2013 – Corrosion Control Presentation

WQA 2013 – Corrosion and POU devices – Color Handouts

WQA 2013 – Corrosion and POU devices – Grayscale Handouts


Naturally, corrosion-control is an art and a science, and not necessarily for the faint-hearted. At Red Fox Advisors, My associates and I have help many water treatment dealers, as well as commercial/industrial operators in addressing complex corrosion issues. Contact me if you need help with an application.