I’ve been helping businesses and families make their water better since 1995.  Leveraging my broad international experience and incorporating innovative technologies & methods; I strive to ensure that my solutions are scalable, sustainable, and affordable. I travel the world treating all kinds of water problems, while also spending time coaching and teaching others how to run their businesses better.

I specialize in designing, sourcing and supplying potable freshwater treatments like filtration, softening ultrafiltration, distillation, nanofiltration, catalytics, template assisted crystallization (ScaleStop TAC), deionization, electrodeionization/CapDI, and reverse osmosis purification.

I also consult on corrosion control, legionella control, algae control, biofilm, rainwater harvesting, greywater recovery, aquatic ecosystems, pond water quality management, and comprehensive wastewater treatment.


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“Indlela ibuzwa kwaba phambile”

Xhosa Proverb – “Ask for directions from those who have already traveled the road

Some of the entities listed here are where I contribute advice or articles, serve on boards, have speaking or lecturing engagements, provide contract development or consulting services, and others are just places that I like & want to share with you:

Association of Water Technologies

Circle of Blue

Crusader Water Systems

Pacific Water Quality Association

Pentair Residential Filtration

ProFlow Water Quality Management Systems

Red Fox Advisors

Utah Water Quality

Water Conditioning and Purification Magazine

Water for People

Water Quality Association

Water Quality Products Magazine

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.” -W. H. Auden

As a Master Water Specialist, my mission is simple: To give you the very best water that you can afford for your home or business. 

You deserve to work, play, drink, and bathe in the very best water possible.