Fleck 3214NXT Timer Update

We have revised the 3200NXT multi-language timer to in order to make all system types available. The system types are as follows:

System 4 Single System
System 5 Interlock System
System 6 Series System
System 7 Alternating System
System 9 Alternating System
System 14 Demand Flow System

The ordering guide price adder for the 3200NXT timer will remain the same.

Effective immediately, we have discontined the 3214NXT multi-language timer. Previously we have had three different versions of the timer. The following is a list of former versions of the 3214NXT timer and the dates of manufacture:

3214NT                                                Feb 2006 – Oct 2007
3214NXT                                              Oct 2007 – Apr 2011
3214NXT Multi-Language                     Apr 2011 – Feb 2012

The new upgrade to the 3200NXT will communicate as follows:

3214NT                                                Will not communicate
3214NXT                                              Will not communicate
3214NXT Multi-Language             Will communicate

We have conversion kits available for replacing the 3200NT, 3214NT’s and 3214NXT to the new 3200NXT. If one of the timers needs to be replaced in a 2 – 4 unit system, they will all need to be replaced. The following are the part numbers and descriptions of the conversion kits.

61683-02                                             TIMER KIT,CONVERSION,3200NXT,DUPLEX
61683-03                                             TIMER KIT,CONVERSION,3200NXT,TRIPLEX
61683-04                                             TIMER KIT,CONVERSION,3200NXT,QUADPLEX

The new 3200NXT timer part number will be 42466-11 and will replace part number 42466-21.

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