The AvantaPure Logix software used on Pentair’s Autotrol 269 valves is being updated to allow for longer brine prep time of 120 minutes. Along with this change, the default Regeneration Start time is being adjusted to 12:01 AM.

With these changes, if the time of regeneration is left at 12:01 AM, the valve will index to Brine Refill at 12:01 AM. Treated water remains available to service during the Brine Refill step.  After refill, the valve will return to Service for the Brine Prep two hour period. Backwash will start shortly after 2 AM. No other changes are being made at this time.

The above updates will become effective with software version 3.06, R06, which will start shipping from Pentair’s factory the week of April 30, 2012.

If there are any questions please contact your Regional Sales Manager or Technical Support.