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Train Hard, Fight Easy

Years ago, I learned the mantra: “Train Hard, Fight Easy”. While this is a military mantra, it applies equally to the business world. It drives me crazy to see so many plumbers and water dealers who are out there “just keeping up” instead of embracing their industry and truly practicing their technical and sales skills. […]

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Merry Christmas!

In case you were wondering…”i” means Innovative, not Intermountain since this software is my own invention that I allow currently Intermountain to use.

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Why do I keep a Blog?

A Blog (WeB Log) is a new way for people to share their thoughts and musings informally on the internet. I hope to use this Blog to share my knowledge, experience, and opinions about water problems and how to fix them. I have been involved in the water industry since 1995 and truly love improving […]

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