The Central Valley Water Board (Board) will hold a public workshop regarding the framework for a Central Valley-wide Salt and Nitrate Management Plan (SNMP), which is being developed through the stakeholder-led Central Valley Salinity Alternatives for Long-Term Sustainability (CV-SALTS) initiative.

The SNMP is intended to provide a blueprint for the Board’s regulation of salt and nitrates throughout the entire Central Valley. Full implementation of the SNMP will likely include amendments to the Water Quality Control Plans for the Sacramento River and San Joaquin River and the Tulare Lake Basin (“Basin Plans”). Basin Plan amendments may include changing existing beneficial use classifications, altering beneficial use designations, redefining salinity water quality objectives, and adding or changing existing implementation plans related to salinity or nitrates.

The Board Public Workshop will be held at the following date and location:

Date: 22 June 2016

Time: 9 a.m.

Place: Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board

11020 Sun Center Drive #200

Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

Board staff will give a presentation and will invite comment and recommendations from the Board and from stakeholders on the framework of a Central Valley-Wide Salt and Nitrate Management Plan, which is currently under development. Board staff will lead focused discussions utilizing the following studies on implementation practices:

 The Strategic Salt Accumulation Land and Transport Study (SSALTS); and

 The Nitrate Implementation Measures Study (NIMS).

The following policy considerations will also be discussed:

 Potential changes to water quality objectives and implementation/compliance measures related to secondary maximum contaminant levels (secondary maximum contaminant levels relate to the taste, odor, or appearance of water, and are not based on a risk to human health);

 Alternative compliance strategies for regulating salts and nitrates;

 What is the appropriate way for the Board to interpret the narrative water quality objectives that protect the agricultural supply beneficial use.



A more detailed agenda will be available prior to the meeting date. Although the Board may provide feedback to Board staff, this is an information item only, and no Board action will be taken on the SNMP at the June workshop.

Related workshop material will be posted on the Board’s website (below) no later than 23 May 2016:



At the workshop there will be no sworn testimony or cross-examination of participants, but the Central Valley Water Board may ask clarifying questions. Opportunity will be provided for oral presentations by interested persons. To ensure a productive and efficient workshop, oral presentations from any interested persons may be limited to 3-minutes at the discretion of the Board Chair.


If you have any questions, please contact Pam Buford at (559) 445-5576 or by e-mail at:

The meeting facilities will be accessible to persons with disabilities. Individuals requiring special accommodations are requested to contact Ms. Kiran Lanfranchi-Rizzardi at (916) 464-4839 at least five working days prior to the meeting. TTY users may contact the California Relay Service at 1-800-735-2929 or voice line at 1-800-735-2922.

Please bring the above information to the attention of anyone you know who would be interested in this matter.