If you are one of the thousands of homeowners and businesses who invested in a Water DOG HD, HDi or low-flow oxidizing system, you know that it is excellent technology. Unfortunately their company is another victim of “the great recession” and no longer can provide parts or an other assistance to dealers and users. Water DOG’s warrantied are void and you can’t get any warranty coverage on their products.

If you are an IWP customer, your local regional representative has all the parts and expertise necessary to assist you. IWP customers are still protected by our limited residential and commercial warranties – we stand by our dealers.


If you are not an IWP customer, you can download the HG manual here:


Spare parts are available from:

Gorecki Manufacturing  –  http://www.goreckimfg.com/
Roger Clarin    –   320-983-3171 x 305

P/N 40029 – Replacement Chamber
P/N 40028 – PCB Panel
P/N 40010 – Power Supply Assembly