Southern Utah is characterized by stark desert landscapes, scenic mountains and striking canyons.

Summary of notes about local water quality from our customers and dealers in the region:

St.George – Very hard water in excess of 20gpg

Hurricane – Hard water, especially in the ares to the north end of town. 15gpg – 40gpg in some areas

Beaver – While the water here is delicious, it is hard as rocks – average 18gpg hardness

Manti – 15-20gpg with iron on private wells

Ephraim – 18-30gpg with iron on most wells

Fairview – 15-25gpg with trace iron throughout – elevated iron approaching the mountain

Fountain Green – 10-30gpg with iron and heavy metals

Blanding – Extremely hard water in the city, with extra iron in the rural areas

Bicknell, Loa, Torrey – Extremely hard water, high levels of sulfates in the Capitol Reef park and surrounding areas. Hardness levels anywhere from 15gpg all the way to 110gpg. Iron levels from <0ppm – >10ppm

Cedar City – 18-25gpg hardness with unpleasant tastes to the water in older neighborhoods

Meadow – 18-30gpg with Iron from 0.5ppm to 10ppm

Fillmore – 20+gpg Hardness, with high salinity on certain wells

Green River – It’s a gamble every time, ALWAYS have you water tested here, even if you live within city limits….Hardness from 10gpg to >100gpg Iron from 0.0ppm to >5ppm

Mesquite – Extremely hard water – objectionable tastes and odors