I read this article today and I suppose I should be shocked, but I guess I’m not…just very, very disappointed.

A California sanitation district is spying on, and investigating  tax-paying citizens in a misguided effort to eliminate water softening systems. – Talk about  a violation of basic human rights! It certainly boggles the mind that this actually happens in the United States of America. What’s next, door-to-door anti smoking inspections? – Can you say “Papers please“?

The misguided anti-softener agenda continues in southern California and it appears that in spite of evidence to the contrary, certain legislators choose politics of emotion instead of logic and reason. They continue their unwarranted persecution of water softener owners.

Owning a water softener reduces the use of harmful chemical cleaners that are laced with countless toxic chemicals. Water softeners have been shown to prolong the life of household appliances like water heaters while reducing net energy consumption.

Old water softeners using outdated daytimer and “blind-metering” technology can indeed be wasteful of salt, but when one considers new water softeners like the Crusader Twin Analyst that incorporate resin saturation sensors, advanced software, twin alternating tanks, and upflow regeneration technologies it is mere foolishness to dare overlook the actual environmental benefit of owning a water softener –  It makes fiscal and environmental sense.

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Hunt for illegal water devices hardens

Utilities: District officials estimate about 400 to 500 softeners in area
Posted: July 4, 2011 1:55 a.m.
Updated: July 4, 2011 1:55 a.m.

Officials are coming down hard on owners of salt-generating illegal water softener systems.

The Santa Clarita Valley Sanitation District announced last week that its hunt for owners of the systems is under way.

“We’re still seeing chloride spikes out there,” said district spokesman David Snyder, referring to levels of chloride observed in the regular monitoring of wastewater.

“We feel there are between 400 and 500 out there who are still discharging chloride,” he said.

In all, district heads estimate as many as 2,000 people in the Santa Clarita Valley own banned water softeners.

In 2008, residents voted in favor of a ban to remove all brine-generating water softeners from area homes in an effort to reduce the amount of chloride discharged into the Santa Clara watershed.

Sanitation officials have identified many of the 2,000 water softeners through sales receipts, rebate inquiries and tips, they said.

Those residents will be given 30 days to apply for the water softener rebate program.

Those who don’t respond to the warning can expect a visit from district workers intent on inspecting homes.

Residents caught with banned softeners will be given another 30 days to apply for the rebate or 60 days to get rid of banned machines.

If they don’t, they face a $1,000 fine.