The Water Quality Research Foundation (WQRF) would like to recognize Pentair for making a Visionary-level commitment of $250,000 to theInvesting in Your Future Campaign. In addition, we are pleased to welcome Pentair President of Aquatic Systems Karl Frykman to the Campaign’s National Steering Committee. Karl will be serving as a co-chairman for this historic initiative. Thank you for your leadership!

Karl R. Frykman,
Pentair President of
Aquatic Systems

“As an active member in the Water Quality Association and the Industry, we’re excited to participate in the WQRF Campaign this year as a way to ensure a strong future for our industry, through proactive, science-based research that is driven through the WQRF,” says Frykman.


WQRF is excited to announce that, with Pentair’s support, the Campaign has raised more than $1.4 million raised toward the $2.5 million goal!


To learn more about the Investing In Your Future Campaign, please visit or contact WQRF Campaign Director Tyler Eble or 630-742-2399.