I attended the PWQA convention and trade show last week in Palm Springs, CA. I usually don’t visit the PWQA conventions since I see so many of the fine folks at the WQA leadership meetings, but this year I was asked to attend and teach a class to dealers about entering into the commercial and industrial water treatment market.

I stayed in Palm DVilla at Shadow Ridge Resortesert at the Marriott Shadow Ridge Resort. The resort was great and catered well to a busy business traveller while still affording the amenities and luxuries a one comes to expect from a Marriott resort.

I tested the water in the villa – 35 grains per gallon of calcium hardness! No softener of course, I hope that one day the fine folks at Marriott will see the wisdom of ion exchange/membrane softening or even Next ScaleStop technology for their hotels and resorts.

While  my villa  in Palm Desert were great, the Riviera resort in Palm Springs was truly entertaining. The accommodations were comfortable, environment clean and the decor a distinct retro-chic that you just have to experience! The convention itself was very well organized, with Mike Mecca, Frank DeSilva and Kristi Pihl putting in long hours to make it a resounding success. Attendance was better than I expected, with many traveling from California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and points beyond to learn, buy and sell.

Greg Reyneke's class at the PWQA in Palm SpringsMy presentation was about Commercial and industrial Water treatment opportunities for the residential water dealer. This was a hard subject for me to teach because I felt like I was “dumbing-down” the subject matter. I decided to handle it as a “best practices” presentation to allow experienced dealers and novices to glean useful information. We talked about the opportunities, benefits, risks and liabilities of entering this fun market segment.  The attendees were particularly interested testing and disinfection protocols like sp-5000 and of course the minutiae of best practices and how to prospect for leads. Great crowd with excellent questions and comments.

Frank DeSilva taught a very interesting class about fluoride and methods for removing it using ion exchange. Frank is an intelligent gentleman who has a great depth of experience and is able to entertain a crowd.

Chubb Michaud made a great presentation about his new design for brine discharge recovery that is tailored to meet the stringent new criteria required by many misinformed local governments who are foolishly maligning softeners. Chubb’s process is a viable alternative that will meet and exceed the latest zero-waste protocols. Even with 9.5 fingers, Chubb is still the master who is head and shoulders above most in the industry.

The trade show itself was also very well attended, with the usual exhibitors and some new ones making their foray into the water treatment industry.  In spite of the hard work and beautiful display that we all saw, I do feel that the days of teh traditional “trade show” are numbered, with more and more dealers turning to the internet and other digital media to fulfill their need for information. I predict a continual decline in tradeshow performance and attendance until someone can come up with a good reason to go. Perhaps the associations will place more emphasis on traning and education that is best served in person…

PWQA 2009 – Great fun was had by all.


Pacific Water Quality Association
52nd Annual Convention and Trade Show, October 13 – 16, 2009
Riviera Resort and Spa
1600 N. Indian Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262
Convention Schedule
Tuesday, October 13, 2009
8:00 5:00 Water Fundamentals Seminar
This seminar requires registration with WQA.  Click here for Seminar Registration
Riviera Resort, Palm Springs
3:00 6:00 Board of Directors Meeting Riviera Resort, Palm Springs
Wednesday, October 14, 2009
7:00 2:00 Golf Tournament Tahquitz Creek Golf Resort
1885 Golf Club Drive
Palm Springs, CA 92262
8:00 11:00 WQA Certification Exams
This event requires registration with WQA. Click here for Exam Registration
Riviera Resort, Palm Springs
1:00 4:00 Exhibitors Set Up Riviera Resort, Palm Springs
4:00 5:30 Annual Meeting Riviera Resort, Palm Springs
6:30 9:00 Banquet, Industry Awards and Auction Riviera Resort, Palm Springs
Thursday, October 15, 2009
7:30 9:00 Past Presidents’ Breakfast Riviera Resort, Palm Springs
8:00 12:00 Exhibitor Set Up Riviera Resort, Palm Springs
8:00 9:00 Educational Seminar
Dealer Dynamics – Commercial and Industrial Water Treatment by Greg Reyneke, Red Fox Advisors, Inc.
Riviera Resort, Palm Springs
9:00 10:00 Educational Seminar
Comparison of Coal vs. Coconut Shell Activated Carbon for POE/POE Water Treatment by Ken Schaeffer, Carbon Resources
Riviera Resort, Palm Springs
10:00 11:00 Educational Seminar
Ultimate Control of Softener Brine Discharge by Chubb Michaud, Systematix
Riviera Resort, Palm Springs
11:00 12:15 Educational Seminar
Using Media for Fluoride Removal by Frank DeSilva, ResinTech, Inc.
Riviera Resort, Palm Springs
12:30 4:00 Trade Show Riviera Resort, Palm Springs
2:30 3:30 Ice Cream on Trade Show Floor Riviera Resort, Palm Springs
4:00 6:00 Time Reserved for Dealer to have Meetings
Riviera Resort, Palm Springs
6:00 7:15 Reception on Trade Show Floor Riviera Resort, Palm Springs
Friday, October 16, 2009
8:00 11:00 WQA Certification Exams
This event requires registration with WQA. Click here for registration information
Riviera Resort, Palm Springs
8:00 9:30 Salinity Update Riviera Resort, Palm Springs
9:00 12:00 Trade Show Riviera Resort, Palm Springs
12:00 2:00 Exhibitors Move Out Riviera Resort, Palm Springs