This misinformed piece is another reason why consumers are so confused about their water quality treatment options. A layperson watching this would assume that a Pur pitcher or Brita filter is “just as good”as a reverse osmosis system. Janice Lieberman comment “…so really, all the products do the same thing…” is one of the most irresponsible journalistic statements I’ve heard in a while.

There is so much more to water treatment than this piece alleges. The production rate,  effluent water treatment quality, and mechanical integrity of water improvement systems vary widely. Unless absolutely prohibited from installing an undercounter POU or whole-house filter, I  can’t fathom why someone would pick the “cheapie” products shown in the piece. It looked like thinly-veiled product placement to me with Pur, Brita and GE residential being deliberately and overtly displayed. The quality of journalism these days is lamentable.