This is a bittersweet post…I have decided to end my employment at Intermountain Water, and accept the position of Managing Director at Red Fox Advisors. I enjoyed my 18 years at Intermountain and wish them success in all their endeavors.

To the employees, end-users, dealers, vendors, and resellers who supported me over the years: THANK YOU, I truly appreciate the business and your friendship!

Red Fox is a wholesale distribution company with a strong emphasis on Water, Air, Microbiology, and Energy Projects.

My role will be to provide leadership and strategic planning insight, develop new business, consult in my fields of expertise, and of course to ensure that our clients are always raving fans!

My water quality management innovations and research efforts will now be focused primarily with Red Fox’s water consulting group.

I will also be promoting and supporting the ProFlow and Crusader brands of Residential and Commercial water quality management systems.

Things to look for next year:

  • Complete overhaul of the ProFlow product line to incorporate my Fractional Brining software
  • ProGuard Commercial-Grade Cleaning, disinfection, and Performance Enhancing Compound
  • Fractional Brining Version 4.0 for select Pentair control valves
  • Differential Brining Software
  • 3200NXTi to 9100TSi networked interface
  • AquaPro 500-1 Structured Matrix Cation Resin
  • AquaPro 500-2 Structured Matrix Cation Resin
  • AquaPro 500-2 Structured Matrix Cation Resin
  • New software for the 9100TSi
  • New handheld programmer
  • A new Ultraviolet disinfection System
  • 5800 LXTi, SXTi and XTR2i with touchscreen interface
  • ProFlow Electrodeionization system
  • Wastewater Recovery
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Legionella Control Protocols
  • A few extremely cool projects that I can’t talk about yet 🙂

I am super excited to embark on this new adventure in 2013…I wish you all health, safety, and prosperity!