2010 was a fun year for me, I presented whitepapers at multiple industry conferences and also participated in a number of productive projects with Saraswati Capital Management. I was invited to join the Board of Directors at Saraswati in 2008 and my term ended in June of this year – I absolutely loved my time with that great group of individuals who are really trying to do good in the world.

Intermountain’s product lineup for 2011 is completely revised and there will be a matching Product Selection Guide available by the end of Q1 2011 .

Things to look forward to:

  • New Pur-Gard Formula (Pur-Gard injectors are no longer required)
  • New Fractional Brining algorithms (Chlorine attrition calculations based on different resin types)
  • Improved DIY Cleaning and Disinfection Kit
  • DIY Video training


2011 is hopefully going to be the first year of the western states recovery, bring it on!