Hurricane Harvey has brought with it severe storm conditions, including major flooding in Texas and Louisiana. WQA has implemented our Crisis Management Plan to support our members in the impacted areas who are initially providing safe drinking water through bottled water or other means. As part of the response plan, WQA is also providing resources to address the long-term drinking water contamination concerns in the aftermath of the storm.
WQA’s team has developed the WQA Crisis Response Blog and  Flood Resources Webpage to keep all members informed and connected. On the Blog there is a button to ask questions and we will be posting new information as it becomes available.
New resources on the flooding webpage include:
  • 5 Things to Know After a Hurricane
  • Flooding Precautions
  • Disinfecting Drinking Water After a Flood
  • Press releases specific to the hurricane response
If you have any questions, are looking for additional resources, or need copies of the press releases please contact David Loveday at or Kathleen Fultz at