I visited a business today with one of my dealers. The business has a Fleck 7000 SXT installed on a Structural Fibers 13×54 tank with 4 cubic foot of Dow UPS resin, serving a boutique restaurant. The system was sold by a local “plumber” (name withheld to protect the guilty) about 1.2 years ago who had problems with the system, “repaired” it once and was then ejected from the job by the restaurant owner. The system would periodically work and then fail, a local franchised soft water dealership had also visited the restaurant to “service” the system, but was unable to find anything “wrong” with it.

During my routine troubleshooting protocol, I opened the cover, and was stunned to see this:

What kind of drunken money would even consider performing a repair like this?  I am astounded by the level of ineptitude I see out there – Always remember to ask for credentials from any plumber,  serviceman or repair technician that you’re considering using to improve your water!