When a 4000 or 400 series error appears on a circuit board it is recommended that the

 lithium battery (CR2032) be replaced. The battery helps with writing to memory in the
event of a power outage. If the battery is weak there is an increased chance that a

Batteries should be ordered in minimum quantities of 25.

4000 or 400 series memory error will be generated when a power outage occurs. If the battery is not replaced and the board is just reset there is a chance that the 4000 or 400 series error could reoccur during subsequent power outages.

The battery is not an expensive item to replace. We are recommending this message be passed onto your Dealers/Service Techs so that they keep spare batteries
on their service trucks.

Current production is much less likely to generate errors if the battery is weak
and a power outage occurs.

If the battery is replaced and the board does not reset when trying to clear the error,
replace the circuit board.

A part number is being set up to be able to offer replacement batteries if you would like to
purchase them from Clack. The part number will be VCR2032 Lithium Coin Cell Battery
Replacement. The List Price of will be 1.80 each. Use your control valve multiplier to
calculate your net cost.