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Dealer Dynamics: Financial Intelligence

Dealer Dynamics Financial Intelligence By Greg Reyneke In today’s uncertain economy, many business owners are having to take a serious look at their business, how it operates, where the money comes from, where it goes and most importantly…how to hang onto it. In the last decade that I have coached plumbers, well-drillers and independent water […]

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Dealer Dynamics: Digital Delights

Digital Delights   It’s the 21st century, everyone’s going digital…Stop being a Luddite and step into the information age, and it’s time to get smart. How can technology help my business? Business has been transacted for thousands of years without computers, so its hard to argue that they’re mission critical, but they can help you […]

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Dealer Dynamics – Surviving Hard Times

Dealer Dynamics– Surviving hard times                                                     by Greg Reyneke CWS-VI As we continue to hear bad news about the economy, many business owners are fearful that their current sales income and livelihood are in jeopardy. Hard times come and go, so instead of panicking like so many other business owners, take the time now to improve […]

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Dealer Dynamics – WCP Magazine

I am now writing a monthly column for Water Conditioning and Purification Magazine. The column will be under the heading: Dealer Dynamics. Look for my articles in the print version of the magazine, online on their website ( well as here where a mirrored copy will be posted on the 15th of each month when […]

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