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Cross Much?

Ideal Water Softener Installation

It is common practice in many areas to refrain from softening all water inside a home, specifically isolating fixtures like kitchen cold-water, bar- and vegetable-prep sinks, etc… There are a number of reasons to do this, but I’d like to address the wrong reasons first:   Soft water has salt in it Soft water doesn’t […]

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Aquaceuticals – Drink to your health – Part 2

A smart dealer wanting to learn about aquaceuticals needs to quickly develop a broad understanding of the key concepts in this fascinating and rapidly growing segment of the water quality improvement industry. Our customers turn to aquaceuticals because they believe in the value of liquid nutrition. Solid pills and powder-filled capsules are generally less effectively […]

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Aquaceuticals – Drink to your health – Part 1

Water, Nature’s miracle compound, is both an elixir and a destroyer. Two gases combine to create a liquid that preserves life on our entire planet. As a source of hydration, water enables all organisms to survive and thrive. When exposed to carbon dioxide, water forms carbonic acid, a strong solvent that dissolves almost anything it […]

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ElectroSoft – softening without salt

Smart business owners and managers understand that innovation is essential to business longevity and prosperity. In a successful water treatment service company, it is imperative to understand, deploy and maintain cutting-edge technologies to help provide customers with better water. As we continue to see more misguided attempts at softener bans and a continued emphasis on […]

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Chillin’ with Old Man Winter…

Old-man winter is nipping here in the northern hemisphere. Snow is already falling in some areas and a natural question extends to winter and its effect on water softeners and filtration systems. Water temperature has a significant effect on the capacity and functionality of many water treatment processes. A smart dealer must be aware of […]

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The Never-ending Quest for Good Water

Dealer Dynamics: The Never-ending Quest for Good Water Greg Reyneke, CWS-VI   Living in America is wonderful. Our massive consumer-centric culture, access to cheap technology, copious quantities of cheap food and a seemingly unlimited supply of potable water are taken for granted here and in many other first-world nations. As with the entire world though, […]

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Soft Water, A Continuing Evolution: What Are You Selling?

Stated simply, hard water is water that is hard to lather, and soft water isn’t. A more accurate definition of soft water describes the physical removal (to less than one gpg in most cases) of calcium and magnesium salts.   Salt-based ion exchange technology was first broadly applied to residential water softening in the post-world […]

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Improving Residential Service Calls

A topic of frequent discussion when dealers congregate (apart from the depressed-economy) is frustration with wasted time on service calls, or the desire to increase service-call revenue. Residential water softener service calls are the cornerstone of business operations in most water treatment dealerships. Effective troubleshooting, repair, and follow through are crucial for long-term business success as a residential water quality improvement dealer.

Some dealers actually consider service calls to be a waste of time and resources. This attitude often stems from the fact that they have a flawed sales cycle. These dealers frequently justify the high retail selling price of their products by promising end-users years of flawless performance, or even making statements like “just feed it salt and everything will be OK”. Ironically, it is these dealers who are constantly demanding lower prices from their OEMs, tend to choose inferior offshore products and spend significantly more on advertising than on training and equipping their service staff. These dealers are masters at marketing, and selling the sizzle, but fall short when it comes to meeting or exceeding customer expectations. They are the epitome of the old-school soft water salesperson.

The 21st century water quality improvement expert understands that clients are not suckers and that endusers are now more empowered and educated than ever before. Thanks to the internet, consumers have access to a wealth of technical data at their fingertips as well as the ability to read and post reviews of the quality of work performed by dealerships.

A smart dealer always has three simple goals when interacting with clients:

Improve their lifestyle by making their water better
Create and maintain a lifetime service relationship
Generate a reasonable and sustainable profit

Water quality improvement systems are wonderful devices that embody complex technologies to make customers’ lives better. As with any working appliance, they require periodic maintenance and even occasional repairs over their working lifetime. Smart dealers are already performing annual tune-ups or cleaning and disinfection services for their customers. If you aren’t currently performing annual services for your clients yet, now is the time to start.

The first step in improving service calls should happen before you ever go to the home; acquire the knowledge necessary to properly service the system and to address the myriad of water quality concerns that today’s customer might have.

Are you taking full advantage of the various vendor, dealer network, and OEM training programs, or do you think that you know it all already? If you have employees, are you empowering them with the technical and customer relations skills that they need to properly service your clients? Are your vehicles properly maintained? Do you use modern technologies to your advantage, like digital work orders, email, routing software, GPS and the plethora of other technical tools our predecessors could only dream of?

When a client calls for service on their water system, they need your help. They trust that you are an expert in the field and will be able to provide them with an honest, objective evaluation of the problem and offer insightful options to remedy the problem, including repairing, rebuilding, or replacing the treatment system or possibly adding additional treatment methods to help address their problem. The client doesn’t want an overt sales pitch or a rushed attempt to fix symptoms instead of addressing the root cause of the problem. They expect a visit from a professional who respects them and their time.

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Common Pesticides Disrupt Crucial Human Hormones

The water quality improvement industry can play a significant role in helping consumers protect themselves from immediate and future waterborne pesticide consumption by providing POU/POE water treatment systems. Many proven technologies like granular activated carbon absorption/adsorption, nanofiltration, distillation, and reverse osmosis (hyperfiltration) purification are able to address numerous chemical compounds that can be found in water. Naturally it is beyond the scope of expertise of a water quality expert to remove contaminants from food, but the old mantra “The solution to pollution is dilution” comes to mind… the more good-quality water you drink, the better job you body’s own alimentary system will do in removing unwanted contaminants consumed in food.

As a water quality improvement professional, it is your responsibility to learn and understand the relationship between water quality and the quality of your customers’ lives. Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about contaminants in the foods they eat and the water that they drink. Helping people deal with hard water is simply not good enough anymore; people look to you – the certified water specialist as a true water quality expert. You need to be able to address consumers’ concerns about emerging contaminants like pesticides, herbicides and other pollutants.

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Who are you?

Since you’re reading this column, I already know a little bit about who you could be…you are a water treatment professional, you either own or work for a water quality improvement dealership, and you care about doing your job better. Do you know who you really are? Do your customers know who you are and, more importantly, what you do? The act of developing an identity and reputation for yourself or your organization is known as branding. Business and personal branding are frequently overlooked factors critically necessary for business and career success, especially in today’s economy of austerity.

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