We have some good news concerning the recent policy changes by Amazon.com for refrigerator filters. Amazon had said that it would stop selling products that were not certified as a system as of May 10th. After much discussion with WQA, Amazon has revised its position for certain filters.

According to Amazon, if a product has a, “WQA lab test statement on contaminant reduction listed on the WQA website, we will not take down their offers on 5/10 provided that they send us proof of initiating the process to get full System Performance certification. WQA AND filter manufacturers should keep Amazon posted on the progress and results of the certification. If we do not receive updates or for some reason they fail to pass the system certification, eventually, we will still take down their offers.”

We definitely see this as good news for our Gold Seal clients and for those who were in the process of certifying products for sale on Amazon’s platform. We support the sentiment behind Amazon’s new policy which is to address counterfeit products and patent infringement as a matter of public safety. However, we feel there should be an appropriate amount of time for any company to comply with the new restrictions.

If you have any questions or comments related to certifying products for sale on Amazon.com, please reach out to WQA’s Business Development Director Brian Geegan at bgeegan@wqa.org. We will keep you apprised of further developments as we become aware of them.



Bob Maisner                                                             Pauli Undesser
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