We all remember where we were on September 11th 2001. That certainly was a day that will live forever in infamy; regardless of your politics, it is easy to acknowledge that our lives have changed forever.

How does 9/11 relate to water?

The global war on terrorism has highlighted the importance of access to potable water for all people.

The threat of terrorism to our nation’s infrastructure has been largely overlooked for far too long. The issue extends past global fanatics and right down to criminals and crazies. Those of us who work in the water treatment industry have a solemn responsibility when it comes to safeguarding the safety of our customers and our nation.

Some Helpful Tips:

  • Don’t allow other people to use your access card or code for client locations
  • Don’t take job-site photos of sensitive installations without explicit permission from the plant operator
  • Don’t leave controlled chemicals in places where they could be tampered with or stolen
  • Secure all blueprints and plant workflow diagrams from unauthorized viewing
  • Change default passwords for SCADA, remote access,  and monitoring equipment
  • Report suspicious behavior to local authorities



We will never forget – God bless America