2008 Technical Review Committee Insights

  1. How did you get started in the water conditioning and purification marketplace?  What was your first job in it?


My first foray into the water business was as a contract employee of Intermountain Soft Water. I was contracted to design new electronic controls for their proprietary water softeners, conditioners, and filtration systems.


  1. How/why did you start/maintain your professional involvement?


After a month of contractual employment, the president of the company offered me a full-time position. Robert Rowley mentored me from the ground level – he exposed me to every facet of running a successful water treatment dealership. I have done everything, from customer service, tech support, salt delivery, residential service, commercial service, systems design & engineering, office administration, wholesale account supervision, and complete enterprise management.


Once the water bug bit, I realized that I wanted to be in water for the rest of my life. I enjoy the great people I associate with in the industry, even those at “competing” companies.


My primary motivation these days is mentoring & coaching independent dealers and inventing new products & services.


  1. What are you most proud of in your profession?


People and companies that put ethics before profits.


  1. What are you least proud of in your profession?


Unethical people and people who are arrogant in their ignorance.


  1. What gives you the most joy in your professional life?


I love helping people. Whether I’m coaching someone to help make their business better, or working with an end-user to improve their water, nothing makes me happier than helping others improve themselves.


  1. What do you dislike most in your professional life?


I don’t have enough time in the day to help more people.


  1. If there were three portraits on the wall behind your desk, not of family, who would they be and why?


Jesus Christ – As a Christian, I attribute all that I have to the supreme sacrifice that He made for me.


George Washington – He was one of the key people in establishing this great nation, and establishing the US Constitution.


Isaac Newton – Possibly one of the greatest scientists that the world has ever known.


  1. If you were not in the water conditioning and purification industry, what would you be doing?


I’d be a psychiatrist.


  1. Why would you do that?


I love helping people solve problems, I am a good listener, and I’m full of opinions.


  1. Polish up your crystal ball…what will be the three most important issues in our industry within the next five years?

Environmental efficiency. Whether you believe in the “green cause” or not, public opinion and legislative action is mandating that we all take a serious look at how to make our products services more environmentally responsible. We need to pursue sustainable design and using water improvement technology to reduce the net carbon impact of homes, business & industry.

Recruitment & Retention of employees. Young people these days don’t seem to be interested in working hard for a living. Fewer & fewer American youth are interested in the trades and mechanical fields. This trend will have a significant impact on the industry at all levels.

Local Expert –vs- Internet Reseller. The industry will continue to fracture as local experts face strict price competition of internet resellers. Vendors will need to decide how they want their products sold and supported to provide the very best service & support for end-users.