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We all live Downstream

As water quality improvement and management professionals, it is our responsibility to learn and understand the impact of anthropogenic and natural environmental contamination, especially comprehending the fact that water in the air, water on the ground, and water under the ground is subject to constant change and movement.

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Common Pesticides Disrupt Crucial Human Hormones

The water quality improvement industry can play a significant role in helping consumers protect themselves from immediate and future waterborne pesticide consumption by providing POU/POE water treatment systems. Many proven technologies like granular activated carbon absorption/adsorption, nanofiltration, distillation, and reverse osmosis (hyperfiltration) purification are able to address numerous chemical compounds that can be found in water. Naturally it is beyond the scope of expertise of a water quality expert to remove contaminants from food, but the old mantra “The solution to pollution is dilution” comes to mind… the more good-quality water you drink, the better job you body’s own alimentary system will do in removing unwanted contaminants consumed in food.

As a water quality improvement professional, it is your responsibility to learn and understand the relationship between water quality and the quality of your customers’ lives. Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about contaminants in the foods they eat and the water that they drink. Helping people deal with hard water is simply not good enough anymore; people look to you – the certified water specialist as a true water quality expert. You need to be able to address consumers’ concerns about emerging contaminants like pesticides, herbicides and other pollutants.

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