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Aquaceuticals – Drink to your health – Part 2

A smart dealer wanting to learn about aquaceuticals needs to quickly develop a broad understanding of the key concepts in this fascinating and rapidly growing segment of the water quality improvement industry. Our customers turn to aquaceuticals because they believe in the value of liquid nutrition. Solid pills and powder-filled capsules are generally less effectively […]

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WQA Aquatech 2012 – Water and Nutritional Supplements

My presentation at WQA Aquatech 2012 is about the importance of water quality experts having a better understanding of water, health, aquaceuticals, nutraceuticals and other related technologies. Our industry has focused for so long on REMOVING things from water that we have forgotten that we can actually ADD things to make water even better for […]

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Aquaceuticals – Drink to your health – Part 1

Water, Nature’s miracle compound, is both an elixir and a destroyer. Two gases combine to create a liquid that preserves life on our entire planet. As a source of hydration, water enables all organisms to survive and thrive. When exposed to carbon dioxide, water forms carbonic acid, a strong solvent that dissolves almost anything it […]

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