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We all live Downstream

As water quality improvement and management professionals, it is our responsibility to learn and understand the impact of anthropogenic and natural environmental contamination, especially comprehending the fact that water in the air, water on the ground, and water under the ground is subject to constant change and movement.

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EPA announces microcystin and cylindrospermopsin limits

Algal blooms produce harmful toxins. Because utilities often use these water bodies as sources of drinking water, EPA has determined algal toxin levels in tap water that can protect human health. EPA is also recommending how utilities can monitor and treat drinking water for algal toxins and notify the public if drinking water exceeds protective levels.

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Open Forum on Microcystin Contamination

In response to the microcystin contamination in Toledo, Ohio, the WQA Water Sciences Committee is hosting an online meeting/conference call to share information and have a technical discussion regarding this event.

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Toxic City Water?

I read this article today, and it got me thinking…how many times do cities allow algal blooms into your water and simply cast the issue aside as “natural” and claim it to not be a health risk? This is just one more reason to take control of your own water quality and not rely on […]

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