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No-Till November

Leave it be, let it grow. Save time, money and improve your soil’s health by joining the farmers who observe No-Till November.

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Filing of the California Water Conservation, Flood Control and Stormwater Management Act

On Monday, Dec. 14, the Association of California Water Agencies, the California State Association of Counties, and the League of California Cities® filed a constitutional amendment with the Attorney General’s office. The measure would create a new, optional funding method local agencies can use to finance stormwater management and flood control projects, set rates for […]

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Protect your Wellhead

Mare and wellhead

Owning your own well makes you the proprietor of your own water utility. You are responsible for the quality of your own water supply, and also for protecting it’s source. Without vigilant wellhead protection, aquifers can become contaminated, and entire communities and geographic areas will suffer.

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