My presentation at WQA Aquatech 2012 was about the importance of water quality experts having a better understanding of water, health, aquaceuticals, nutraceuticals and other related technologies. Our industry has focused for so long on REMOVING things from water that we have forgotten that we can actually ADD things to make water even better for our clients.

There have been a number of pseudo-scientific claims made over the years about various products and supplements like alkaline water machines (Allsbon, Kangen, Jupiter, Life, NewCell,  etc…), alkaline water filters (BioCera, BioStone, Elita, Naia etc…), and various supplements. Our industry has become very jaded trying to filter out the nonsense from the truth, and even our customers have become increasingly skeptical of the claims being made.

As water quality experts, we have a responsibility to learn as much as we can about the technologies available and to also be a resource to our clients who want to improve and maintain their health through the marriage of purified water and scientifically formulated nutritional supplements.

Greg Reyneke WQA-Aquatech 2012 – Full Page Handouts

Greg Reyneke WQA-Aquatech 2012 – 3 Slides per page


Robert Slovak’s Presentation is about truly understanding the difference between pH and alkalinity; especially when discussing “Alkaline Water” and the effect it has on human health. He has published testing data demonstration the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of various technologies in introducing true alkalinity into water. His discussion on understanding the anti-oxidant benefits of “Negative ORP” water is quite clear and easily to understand.

Robert Slovak – Alkalinity – WQA Aquatech 2012 – Full Page Handouts

Robert Slovak – Alkalinity – WQA Aquatech 2012 – Handouts

My current favorite Nutraceutical Company is Next Nutrition. Next Nutrition is a privately held company whose focus and mission is to create pure, potent, organic nutritional supplements that are not only a great value, but also genuinely make a difference to the health and well-being of their customers.  Beginning with purified water, their product formulations combine special ingredients to achieve mineralization, antioxidants and alkalinity in a unique way to increase the bio-availability to the body.