A Blog (WeB Log) is a new way for people to share their thoughts and musings informally on the internet. I hope to use this Blog to share my knowledge, experience, and opinions about water problems and how to fix them.

I have been involved in the water industry since 1995 and truly love improving water. I work at Intermountain Water where I am the General Manager, on track to being a partner in the company.

Intermountain has been in the water industry since 1966, making water better in Utah and surrounding states. I now help people around the world through our dealer network  and through private labeling for other OEM’s.

My day-to day activities include managing our excellent employees, working with ownership, and developing new technology.

In addition to water treatment, I am also interested in Sustainability, Automation, and Molecular Gastronomy.

If you have any questions or comments, reply here or email me directly